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DEV-401 Exam Questions with Answers - Part 2

Q.1) A developer needs to support multiple currencies for a custom object in an application? Multi-currency has been enabled,
what does the developer need to know to support the application?
(2 answers)
  A. Must input currency ISO Field
  B. Admin can add additional currencies once set up (Answer)
  C. Roll up summary fields will calculate incorrectly if children have multiple currencies (Answer)
  D. Track Currency changes automatically.

Q.2) A developer is building a custom application using the declarative framework. The developer would like to customize the application user interface
Which customization is available on the page layout? (2 answers)
  A. Add custom detail and list buttons (Answer)
  B. Add an existing visualforce page to an inline section (Answer)
  C. create a three-column section
  D. make a field required based on a data value in another field.

Q.3) Universal Containers tracks Candidates as a custom object in a recruiting application. On a candidate
record, the city entered in the City field must be in the state selected in the state field. How would a developer meet this requirement using declarative (point and click) means?
  A. Create a dependency on the Address field that ensures only valid cities are selected for a given state.
  B. Create a Workflow outbound message that sends city and state information to an external global
        database of known cities and states.
  C. Create a Formula field on the address object that looks up the state for the entered city.
  D. Create a validation rule that checks the city entered against an object to validate the state for the
         entered city

Q.4) Job Applications is a custom object with a lookup relationship to the custom object Positions.
A developer would like to modify the Position fields displayed in the console mini view when a job application record is viewed in the console detail view.
What would a developer customize to accomplish this?
  A. The mini page layout of the position page layout (Answer)
  B. The mini page layout on the Job application page layout
  C. The related objects on the job application page layout
  D. The related objects on the position page layouts

Q.5) A developer wants to ensure that when a parent record is deleted, child records are not deleted. Which relationship should the developer choose?
  A. lookup (Answer)
  B. master-detail
  C. many-to-many
  D. master-to-master

Q.6) All users of a Recruiting Application should be able to edit all positions, except for users X. User X
should be able to see, but NOT edit all positions. How can a developer meet this requirement?
  A. Set the organization wide default for positions to public Read/Write and use a Sharing Rule to
         restrict user X from editing any position records.
  B. Set the organization wide default for positions to Public Read-only and remove user X from the role
  C. Set the organization wide default for position to Public Read-only and use a Sharing Rule to grant edit 
         access to everyone except user X. (Answer)
  D. Set the organization wide default for position to Public Read/Write and remove user X from role

Q.7) In a recruiting application, all users should be able to see and edit all candidate records, but interviewers should not be able to modify the address of a candidate and should NOT be able to see the birth date of a candidate.
How would a developer meet this requirement?
  A. Remove the Edit permission on the candidate from the interviewers profile
  B. Set the organization wide defaults for candidates to Edit some fields
  C. Set the organization wide default for candidate to Read-Only
  D. Use field-level security to control access to the address and birth date fields (Answer)

Q.8) Universal Containers uses a recruiting application with custom objects to track positions and related
interviewers. When a hiring manager creates a new position record, interviewer records for each individual on the interview team also need to be Currently, this process requires a user to create the position, save it, scroll to the interviewer related list, then create a multiple interviewer records.
How would a developer streamline this process?
  A. Create a visualforce page that allows position and interviewer data to be input on a single page 
  B. Create a new validation rule to trigger a pop-up window for a user to input interviewer data
  C. Create a new page layout for positions and assign it to a new record type
  D. Use a formula field to create a wizard that guides a user through the process.

Q.9) When creating a workflow rule, which action requires a formula as a rule criteria?
  A. Checking if the field was modified today
  B. Check for value in a field that has changed (Answer)
  C. Check if the status is new
  D. Check if the users profile is Sys Admin
PRIORVALUE(TestField__c) <> TestField__c

To check if a field of the object has a particular value or if the profile of the use is a certain one you don't need to write a formula, you can do it using: field, an operator picklist (equals, not equal to, starts with, ...) and a value. There is no way to know if a FIELD was modified today, you can only know the last modified date for the RECORD. Correct

Q.10) A developer needs to perform an automated extract of data from SFDC migration at 2:00 AM. How would this be done?
  A. Use the command line interface of a data loader (Answer)
  B. Use the schedule manager of import wizard
  C. use the data export service to perform nightly extract
  D. Use the export scheduler of the Data Loader GUI


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