Wednesday, 14 November 2012

DEV-401 Exam Questions with Answers - Part 5

Q.1) Which API can be used to create the Data model?
  A. Sign-on API
  B. API
  C. Metadata API (Answer)
  D. AJAX toolkit for

Q.2) Which is a required step for creating a many-to-many relationship (2 answers)
  A. create two relationships (Answer)
  B. create a custom object to join two objects (Answer)
  C. create a many-to-many relationship between two objects
  D. create the related list on the page layout of the junction object

Q.3) Which statement is true regarding domain name (3 answers):
  A. It must be unique (Answer)
  B. It is usually the name of your company (Answer)
  C. It cannot be changed once it is registered to your organization (Answer)
  D. It cannot be mapped to your company's domain

Q.4) Which relationship type should be used to capture a user’s manager on each user record in the application?
  A. Master-detail
  B. Parent-child
  C. Hierarchical (Answer)
  D. Many-to-many

Q.5) In a custom defect tracking application, a custom object called bug is used to track defects. The bugs often have relationships to other bugs in a parent-child fashion. Which relationship should a developer choose to model the interdependency between bugs?
  A. self (Answer)
  B. hierarchical
  C. master-detail
  D. many-to-many

Q.6) After creating workflow Rule with a time-based action that send an email reminder to users 14 days after a record has been created. A developer would like to test to make sure that the rule is working the way in which it was intended. How can the developer verify that the workflow rule is working
(2 answers)
  A. create a new record then check the outbound message queue
  B. create a new record then check the time-based workflow queue (Answer)
  C. select the developer's username in the time-based worflow queue setup, create a new record then
               check the queue for evidence that the workflow executed.
  D. select the developer's username in the Debug Log setup. create a new record , then check the 
               Debug Log to evidence that the Workflow executed. (Answer)

Q.7) Which is a capability of the Data Loader? Choose 2 answers:
  A. The data loader can be executed from command line. (Answer)
  B. The data loader can de-duplicate records
  C. The data loader can bypass sharing model settings
  D. The data loader can load more than 50.000 records at a time. (Answer)

Q.8) A developer needs to perform an automated extract of data from SFDC migration at 2:00 AM.
         How would this be done?
  A. Use the command line interface of a data loader (Answer)
  B. Use the schedule manager of import wizard
  C. use the data export service to perform nightly extract
  D. Use the export scheduler of the Data Loader GUI

Q.9) OWD default setting for accounts is private, a manager resides above the team in role hierarchy, manager wants to share some of the account details with the team. Which feature can extend the viewing privileges to the team to allow them to see each other's data (2 answers)
  A. Running user of a dashboard (Answer)
  B. Running user of a report
  C. Dashboard folder access (Answer)
  D. Report Folder access

Q.10) In which Salesforce environment will the record IDs be identical?
  A. Production & Full Copy Sandbox only (Answer)
  B. ids are never identical
  C. Production & Development Sandbox only.
  D. Production, full copy Sandbox and developer edition


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